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Beautiful Rainforest Projects

Beautiful Cups is a proud Dutch partner of the Sumatran Orangutan Society. This organisation has launched countless Rainforest Projects. Its main goal is to replant the felled rainforests, to care for the orangutans who lost their natural habitat, and to release them back into the wild.

With every box of coffee cups you buy, you support the Rainforest Projects and contribute to a cleaner environment. We regularly visit the area with our customers and business partners to show them what is being achieved thanks to our joint awareness-raising efforts. That allows them to see for themselves how the coffee cups they use support these projects.

Support Rainforest Projects with your coffee cup

We currently support eight Rainforest Projects in Sumatra. You can choose to support one of these as a customer of Beautiful Cups. Which one appeals to you the most? To make your choice easier (because all projects are equally valuable), our colleague regularly updates us from the rainforest.

Keen to get even more out of the Rainforest Projects for your sustainability policy? We will gladly help you out! Contact us to find out more about the possibilities.

Rainforest Projects

Rainforest Projects s growing! Read all about our projects in the rainforest of Sumatra. Recently we started a similar project in Tanzania with Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative. This FSC®-certified organization is committed to forest planting and rural development.

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