Be beautiful, save a tree….

The recyclable coffee cup for every business

Beautiful Cups is the ultimate recyclable coffee cup, a total concept that contributes to sustainable development worldwide. This product helps us stimulate and support companies sustainability policies. Using cardboard coffee cups promotes a better quality of life and a cleaner environment. Did you know that Beautiful Cups reduces the use of cardboard cups by a whopping 50%?

Plant a tree with coffee cups

How do we do that? Well, you can reuse your Beautiful Cups at least three times. And more of course! What’s the benefit? Well, for every 7,000 cups used, we (and so you too) plant a tree. The result? Thousands of trees planted every year. Trees are the key to clean air across the globe. The trees in Sumatra also ensure the protected orangutans regain and retain their natural habitat. Help us shape a healthier environment for humans and animals alike!

Help us achieve the Global Goals with your coffee cup!

More and more companies have a CSR strategy with multiple sustainability goals. If your company is one of them, Beautiful Cups has just what you need! In collaboration with RFP, Beautiful Cups meets 14 of the 17 Global Goals for sustainable development established by the United Nations. Keen to contribute to a CO2-neutral climate too? Then integrate those Global Goals in your sustainability policy with some help from Beautiful Cups.

The concept







The secret of the reusable Beautiful Cups? You use them three times or more. The cups are made of high-quality cardboard and available in a range of sizes. They are suitable for both cold and hot drinks. You can choose from the standard Beautiful Cup, the Corporate Cup and our recently launched To Go Cup. The latter was specially designed for companies that require smaller quantities of cups. Available in four sizes. Delivered in a beautiful display box.


Needless to say, choosing Beautiful Cups means raising awareness. The cups come with a beautiful awareness-raising kit containing several handy communication tools. Raising awareness for a cleaner and better environment has never been more fun!

Rainforest Projects

Rainforest Projects s growing! Read all about our projects in the rainforest of Sumatra. Recently we started a similar project in Tanzania with Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative. This FSC®-certified organization is committed to forest planting and rural development.

News from the jungle

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